Fork to Fork & Snake Slide GBC module

Started: October 2015 Completed: October 2015 Released: October 2015
The 2nd GBC module using antenna parts (ID 3957). Antenna parts are used for the tip ends of the forks. The circular motion of the forks deliver the balls one by one. pw050101 pw050103 On each fork, four antenna parts are attached into a square. The balls are captured by the four antennas. Arrangement of the four antenna parts is not a regular square but a rectangular. Forks with a regular square arrangement would not be able to deliver the balls. Since the adjacent two forks are arranged alternately with 90 degrees difference, the tip ends of the two forks do not hit and slip through, and they deliver the balls successfully. bIMG_1670-1bIMG_1685 The mechanism of lifting up the balls with forks in this module requires own vertical thickness. Consequently, only the ball delivery mechanism with forks could not be completed as a GBC module. The higher access point of the module which receives the balls first would not be able to satisfy standards for a GBC module. Inserting a rotating wheel between the access point of the module and the mechanism transferring the balls with forks could actuate it as a GBC module and satisfy the standard. The rotating wheel also acts as a buffer and a ball feeder to the forks at regular intervals. The rotating wheel is the same design that I designed in 2009. The method of lifting up the balls by the rotating wheel is not my idea. The mechanism of this module is simple and stable. A flexible slide was adopted for a discharge part of the module. The flexible slide will be one of my favorites. It is cute and also practical for the connection to the next GBC module, for example.  

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