Q.1What kind of ball can I use for GBC?
14mm balls are used for GBC. Zamor Sphere can not be used, which is 17mm in diameter.
Q.2How do you get balls?
I buy balls in Bricklink mainly.
Q.3 Is there a manual from which I can get the building instructions for the models?
The manual with instructions for building the model has not been created owing to lack of time.
Q.4Can I get a copy of the program?
The programs will not be made public.
Q.5I would like to make a copy of the model. Can I get detailed pictures of it?
All the available information is in the pictures and videos released on the website and the YouTube channel. No further information will be released. Although there are enquiries for further information, it is difficult to address all of them individually. Such enquires will be treated as requests and used as references for the future when further information may be released.
Q.6 I have made a copy of the model but it does not move properly.
Please refer to the video of the model and attempt to resolve the problem.
Updated: November 14, 2016