Heart Chain GBC module

Started: February 2019 Completed: March 2019 Released: April 2019 A heart mark is drawn by the chain that carries the balls in a new Great Ball Contraption (GBC) module. The module uses roller coaster parts, i.e., the roller coaster chassis and rails. I had not planned the heart-shaped track, but the ball-carrying mechanisms resulted in the shape of the new module. The ball-release mechanisms using the roller coaster parts are explained by the following Figures. Balls stay in the red frames when they are going straight or to the left corner of the track, although they are released at the right corner. At least one right corner is necessary in a loop for the ball-release mechanisms to function. Consequently, the minimum-sized loop created a heart-shaped mark . The module does not have high durability. During a 6-h running test, the friction between the roller coaster chassis and rails increased; consequently, the joint of the rails came off. The module is not suitable for use at the GBC exhibition. When the module is exhibited, the adhesion and lubrication are necessary for the rails. The rails at the slope are largely worn down. It is better to make the slope angle gently. Instructions, the CAD data set, and part lists are available for this module; the instructions and CAD data set require payment, while part lists are free. Instructions and CAD data set are available upon payment, which you can transfer via PayPal. Once your payment has been completed and confirmed by PayPal, an automatic reply email will deliver the download URL. If there is a problem, please contact me using my information on the contact form. Item: Heart Chain, instructions, and CAD data set (A19010I,A19010M) Price: JPY 864 Contents: PDF instructions (73 pages), CAD data set (MPD file)
A19010_inst_cover   Part lists download (free): A19010P(pdf) A19010P(bsx) Notice: You must prepare all bricks listed in the part lists by yourself. To operate the module, in addition to the parts listed, a battery box for PowerFunction and the balls for playing GBC are necessary. The instructions are intended for persons who have experience assembling Lego Technic. You must not copy and distribute the instructions, CAD data, and part lists.