GBC module: Five Tilted Rings

Started: May 2020 Completed: January2021 Released: June 2021 Instructions, the CAD data set, and part lists are available for this model; the instructions and CAD data set require payment, while part lists are free. Instructions and CAD data set are available upon payment, which you can transfer via PayPal. Once your payment has been completed and confirmed by PayPal, an automatic reply email will deliver the download URL. If there is a problem, please contact me using my information on the contact form. Item: Five Tilted Rings, instructions, and CAD data set (A20040I,A20040M) Price: JPY 1100 Contents: PDF instructions (125 pages), CAD data set (MPD file)
Part lists download (free): A20040P(pdf) A20040P(bsx) Notes on the Building Instructions You must prepare all bricks listed in the part lists by yourself. To operate the module, in addition to the parts listed, a battery box for PowerFunction and the balls for playing GBC are necessary. The model will need to be adjusted after it is completed. The adjustment method can be found on page 116 of the instructions (please refer to the YouTube video). The instructions are intended for persons who have experience assembling Lego Technic. You must not copy and distribute the instructions, CAD data, and part lists.