Railway System: Passing module

Instructions are available here This module acts as a passing track in a railway system. The module enables two trains to run on a single-track railway. Moreover, the two modules also enable three trains to run on a single-track railway.
pw180120 The module consists of two switch-tracks and a stopper unit as shown in the following photograph. pw180121 The stopper unit has two yellow stoppers. The first train is stopped by the stopper. The stopper is invalidated by the incoming train, and the first train is then released. The operation of the passing track is achieved in this way. pw180122 This module has structured symmetry. Thus, the simple structure of the module makes it easier to build it.
Components of the minimum layout using the Passing module:

Instructions and MPD files for the components of the minimum layout using the Passing module:
A18010_TrainUnit Instruction [PDF] A18010_TrainUnit [MPD] A18010_inst_cover A18011_TrainReverseUnit Instruction [PDF] A18011_TrainReverseUnit [MPD] A18011_inst_cover A18013_TrainLoaderUnit Instruction [PDF] A18013_TrainLoaderUnit [MPD] A18013_inst_cover A18014_TrainUnloaderUnit Instruction [PDF] A18014_TrainUnloader [MPD] A18014_inst_cover A18016_TrainPassingModule Instruction [PDF] A18016_TrainPassingModule [MPD] A18016_inst_cover 2018/7/16 MPD files were added.