Railway system: Passing module, double crossover type

    Instructions are available here This module has a function that enables two trains to return and pass each other using a double crossover track. This module functions with at least two trains. pw180130 The following photograph shows the minimum layout in which the module operates. pw180132 This module consists of a double crossover track and the reverse part. The position of two tongue rails of the double crossover track must be fixed with two rubber bands to operate the module. Please refer to the following photographs and find the yellow and red rubber bands. I have prepared the instructions for the reverse part of the module (see end of this page). pw180133pw180134 pw180131 Here, I explain the operating sequences of the module. First, the train runs straight to the module and stays there until the second train on another parallel track enters and stays at the module. Then, the first train starts and runs diagonally on the double crossover track. After the first train runs through the crossover track, the second train runs diagonally on the crossover track. As a result, two trains changed directions and tracks. Unfortunately, the double crossover track is difficult to find and is traded at a high price (at present, March 2018). Therefore, the module is difficult to build.
Components of the minimum layout using the Passing module double crossover type:

Instructions and MPD files for the components of the minimum layout using the Passing module double crossover type:
A18010_TrainUnit Instruction [PDF] A18010_TrainUnit [MPD] A18010_inst_cover A18011_TrainReverseUnit Instruction [PDF] A18011_TrainReverseUnit [MPD] A18011_inst_cover A18013_TrainLoaderUnit Instruction [PDF] A18013_TrainLoaderUnit [MPD] A18013_inst_cover A18014_TrainUnloaderUnit Instruction [PDF] A18014_TrainUnloader [MPD] A18014_inst_cover A18017_TrainPassingModuleDoubleCrossover Instruction [PDF] A18017_TrainPassingModuleDoubleCrossover [MPD] A18017_inst_cover 2018/7/16 MPD files were added.