GBC module: Pole Dancing Quartet

Started: June 2023
Completed: January 2024
Released: March 2024

GBC module: Pole Dancing Quartet



If you want to build the GBC module “Pole Dancing Quartet”

Building Instructions were sold directly on this website until December 2023,
From January 2024, sales will be moved to the following affiliated websites. We have also started to sell kits that include parts as well as building instructions.
Please click on the links below to purchase building instructions and kits.


GBC module: Five Tilted Rings

Started: May 2020 Completed: January2021 Released: June 2021 Instructions, the CAD data set, and part lists are available for this model; the instructions and CAD data set require payment, while part lists are free. Instructions and CAD data set are available upon payment, which you can transfer via PayPal. Once your payment has been completed and confirmed by PayPal, an automatic reply email will deliver the download URL. If there is a problem, please contact me using my information on the contact form. Item: Five Tilted Rings, instructions, and CAD data set (A20040I,A20040M) Price: JPY 1100 Contents: PDF instructions (125 pages), CAD data set (MPD file)
Part lists download (free): A20040P(pdf) A20040P(bsx) Notes on the Building Instructions You must prepare all bricks listed in the part lists by yourself. To operate the module, in addition to the parts listed, a battery box for PowerFunction and the balls for playing GBC are necessary. The model will need to be adjusted after it is completed. The adjustment method can be found on page 116 of the instructions (please refer to the YouTube video). The instructions are intended for persons who have experience assembling Lego Technic. You must not copy and distribute the instructions, CAD data, and part lists.

Spiral Lift GBC module compact type

Started: June 2020 Completed: June 2020 Released: June 2020 A improved model of the spiral lift I made before. The pillar that supports the rotor was made as thin as possible. The shape of the receiver has also been improved, so that the ball does not remain. Switching the exit lane direction of the spiral path, the machine can be used as a Independent ball machine or as a Great Ball Contraption (GBC) module. I don’t make instructions for this model at this time.

6-axis Robot GBC module

Started: November 2019 Completed: December 2019 Released: January 2020 I made a great ball contraption (GBC) module using a robot arm. The Type V760 robot has been upgraded, and information on the robot itself is provided here. The robot moves the container, and also moves the ball into the container by lifting a yellow bar. The robot carries one container with 30 balls in 28 seconds, a processing speed that barely meets the 1 ball/sec standard. Because this module is not for an exhibition, but for a video presentation, I have left the ball either stuck or unstable. While this has not been tested, I believe that if you move it for a long time, the position of the robot may shift, and this makes it challenging to display it as it is at exhibitions.

GBC module: Cars with adaptive cruise control

Started: June 2019 Completed: August 2019 Released: September 2019 Instructions are available here I made a car that carries the balls with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). I use Lego’s Powered Up platform. This car has a Powered Up hub, driving motor, and distance sensor. I programmed to run while keeping a certain distance from the obstacle.   The car body was made with a focus on compactness. A small body is packed with a Powered Up hub, motor, and distance sensor. This car is small but four-wheel drive.   The loading part was made using a Powered Up move hub. Two motors built in the move hub drive the star wheel and gate. A distance sensor is used to detect the arrival of a car. With the red lever, we can press the green power button on the Move Hub. I used a new part 35446(BrickLink) for the star wheel.  

Instructions (free download)
Car PDF Instructions: A19030I(pdf instructions) MPD file: A19030M(mpd cad file) BSX parts list: A19030P(bsx) Loader PDF Instructions: A19031I(pdf instructions) MPD file: A19031M(mpd cad file) BSX parts list: A19031P(bsx) Unloader PDF Instructions: A19032I(pdf instructions) MPD file: A19032M(mpd cad file) BSX parts list: A19032P(bsx) Notice: The instructions and Parts lists do not include rails. The instructions do not include the description of wiring or programs. Please refer the photos and videos. The instructions are intended for persons who have experience assembling Lego Technic.
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